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The Hungry Runner Girl: June 2011

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The Hungry Runner Girl: June 2011

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The Hungry Runner Girl: June 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fajita's and Let's Get our Workout On.

I was too busy staring at myself in sunglasses (PS THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES....we are going to tally and buy them today:) to write my training postyesterday so I will fill you in on what my workout was here!

60 minutes elliptical watching Step Up 3!! Have you seen that yet!?! I LOVE dancing movies and I do not get embarrassed trying to replicate some of their moves while on the elliptical

60 minute pump class.  It was crazy because a LINE formed out to the front desk before class started.  Um, that doesn't really happen in Utah.  Luckily I made it in and was able to get a spot but wow it filled up FAST.

I did myLONG RUNon Saturday and so I want to make sure that I give my femurs PLENTY of time to recover before running again so I will be waiting until Wednesday to run.......I think I will hit up a spin class today!


Charlie's favorite game is to jump in the pool and get sopping wet and then come jump and cuddle with me on the couch. This blanket has become my defense against the rascal.

Stop saying XYZ out loud as you look at the picture, I realize that my zipper is half-way down.  It happens.  I succeeded on my whole drink so much water that you drown your cells and so it got a little tiring zipping my zipper after the 300th potty break of the day.

IMG 7101

Billy made some deviled eggs as an appetizer and I probably downed half the plate.  He stared at me and told me that he thought I HATED deviled eggs but what happened was that the last time we had them a few years ago I said I hated them because they were a 'fear food' and I thought I would wake up 600 lbs if I had partaken of such deliciousness.

What a sad world it would be without deviled eggs.  Never again.  Never again.

IMG 7103

Billy also got to work making steak fajitas with out leftovers from last night.  No, we are not getting paid to advertise for Dr. Pepper.  Billy just really loves the stuff and got really excited when we found the shirt at Khols.

PS I always suggest to watch CHOPPED (or another food network channel show) at about 5 pm because it always inspires him to cook and

IMG 7104

The MIL wanted me to feature her amazing tortilla cooking skills.  Very fancy.  Brown it over the burner, delicious.

IMG 7107

Sorry if my glob of sour cream grosses you out but fajitas are meant to be dressed with all the fixings.

IMG 7110

And of course there was some of this goodness.  I have a confessions.  As you know I hate WHOPPERS (the only candy that makes me sick along with black licorice) but this whoppers flavored ice cream is amazing.   I guess there is nothing that could make ice cream gross to me. Heck, throw in olives into ice cream and I would probably like them.

IMG 7112


Do you like dancing movies?  Did you see Step Up 1,2 or 3!?!?!

-Loved them all.

Is your gym crowded?  Do you have to wait for cardio machines or do the classes you take fill up quickly?

-Cali 24 hour fitness is PACKED but at home the only thing that would get full was spin but you never really have to wait for a machine (unless someone is on my favorite treadmill.)

What is YOUR workout today?

-Spinning and some push-ups.  My goal is to be able to finally beat my niece in an arm-wrestle.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogger's Date

After I took the world's fastest shower after our HOT RUNwe went to target.  Do not be alarmed, I am not sick in the below picture, I just have yet to put on my 12 layers of make-up.

We got an AWESOME basket for my MIL's bike so that she can bike to TJ's and back to get groceries......seriously, the cutest little thing you have ever seen.

Photo 2

It just so happened that target is in the same shopping center as the cupcake shop from last nightand once again they offered us free samples....I went for vanilla with vanilla frosting, billy had chocolate carmel macadamia nut and my MIL got chocolate/pb.

IMG 6886

And what to you know.....TJ'S again:)  When I get hooked onto something, I go over and over and over again.  My MIL said we could each choose one thing.  That never works and I ended up choosing 6 things.  Good thing she loves me.  We got humus (garlic and tomato basil) powerberrries, cantaloupe, lemonade and bleu cheese.

IMG 6888

Then it was time to meet up with some S. Cali bloggers!! The cutest PAM arranged a Yogurtland trip with Sarah (I think she should be called skinnyMUSCULURrunner) and Monica (should be known as runRIPPEDeat's1/8thTheSizeOfMyFro-YoRepeat).  And yes, they are just as funny and awesomesauce in real life as they are on their blog.   Pam's cutest kids came with us too!

IMG 6890

Of course I went with my famous combo of every topping that they offer and if I was by myself I probably would have gone back for another one, I mean I did run 8 miles today=as much sugar and junk food that I want.

IMG 6891

We sat outside and talked forever.  Nothing better than people that never get sick of talking about running, blogging and food.

IMG 6892


What do you use hummus for....I NEED IDEAS!!!!

-I put some on my wrap today and it was heavenly but that is all I can think of.  I am new to this whole 'eating food that doesn't fit into a teacher's salary budget' thing,

Do you have a target close by?!?!  Do you end up spending way too much money there like me?  What do you buy there?

-Food, workout clothes, jewelry and make-up but I could buy pretty much everything they have and love it!!!

Have you ever met any bloggers!?!?!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to entertain yourself.

William (I call him by his real name when he is acting mature) has some pretty hard finals today....that's what you get when you choose a major like electrical engineering and you have to take a class titled, 'Math for geniuses and people who scored a 36 on the ACT," and so he was stuck studying all. night. long.

I had to entertain myself because the SISSY is in Kentucky and she took her kids with her (I know, it was pretty selfish decision!!!), my mom already hung out with me once yesterday and probably wouldn't fly for hanging with me twice in one day, and friends (I won't name any names but you know who you are) wouldn't text me back.

My favorite ways to entertain myself:

1.  Read blogs until your eyes start going blurry.

2.  Make homemade pizza using this recipe.  Out of produce for pizza in the Jacob's grocery shopping before we leave.

IMG 6686

White flour, cheese and sauce is clearly the best form of brain food.

IMG 6690

2b.  Eat a salad while waiting for the pizza to bake because you have the patience of a 3 year old.  Maybe a 4 year old, but that is pushing it.

Photo on 2011 06 15 at 18 59

3.  Start and finish packing for CALI!!! We leave this SUNDAY for a 7 week vacation.

IMG 6685

All I need is a swimsuit, running clothes and swedish fish.

4.  See how many times you can text your sister while she is on vacation before she get's sick of you and blocks your number (it only took 14 texts just in case you were wondering.)

5.  Watch this weeks episode of the Bachelorette again....I have issues.

6.  Watch Kara Goucher running clips on YouTube.  I will be expecting a restraining order any day now...I am her number one stalker.

7.  Sit outside on your porch and people watch.  People watching is probably the most entertaining thing in the world (beside's running that is).

Photo on 2011 06 15 at 19 46

8.  March to a yoga night class so that you can finally let Billy study in wasone of those nights......

IMG 6692

Don't judge me for my moose trophy, I will never move it.


Where is your FAVORITE place to people watch?

-Amusement parks, sports games and the carnival on Saturday was pretty entertaining!

What are your packing essentials (let's say you are going somewhere warm with a side of ocean)!?!?!

If you had to name what you are the BEST at baking/cooking.....what would it be!?! DON'T BE is time for you to brag about yourself:)

-Snickerdoodles, bread, pizza and salad the size of a small child!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lunch @ the b.f.f's

Are you doing your Friday happy dance?  Fun plans this weekend?  Now that it is summer and school is out I feel like the weekend lasts 7 days and I am loving it. Don't forget to come to Terra Mia tomorrow at 1 for a blogger/readers/runner get together!! Email me if you can come!!!


-Sleeping until my sister called and begged me to go to the gym with her.

I was glad she did because we cranked out a killer upper body strengthening session and a few minutes on the elliptical.  I had to leave early because I thought it might be polite of me to shower before lunch with 2 of my best friends from high school.

We went over to Jen's house and started things off right with a crazy delicious tomato/cream cheese/heavenly dip.  I steered clear of the olives.....the picture of them even make me a little queasy and no, I am not pregnant, I just have a severe taste aversion to olives.

IMG 0236

Then it was taco time.  Pork tacos with all the toppings.  I could eat a bushel of cilantro at a time.

IMG 0241

What is better than being hand delivered a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie by a lil' girl? (Her face is not dirty but she put makeup all over it earlier and it wouldn't come off:)

IMG 0244

If that smile doesn't make you happy maybe you need more chocolate in your life.

IMG 0246

Self-timer photos are the best.  I don't know why Billy won't come to our girls dates to be the photographer.  Doesn't he know his job when it comes to the personal paparazzi.  Blog>him going to school and getting good grades.

IMG 0247


Do you still see/talk/communicate on facebook with your high school friends?

-Yep, most of them are still within an hour of me:)

What are you doing tonight?

-We are going long boarding, making cookies and making dinner together.  Throw in some TV watching and I will have to call it the perfect night.

What is the latest you have ever slept in?

-In high school I slept until noon one time:)

My Costco Staples.

Costco is way more fun with kids because they:

a.  Don't get embarrassed grabbing five samples from each station for their favorite aunt.  PS the tortellini samples were amazing.

b.  I can spend more time in the toy aisles without the other shoppers thinking I am a creeper for lurking around in the kids section for an hour (PS I think I know what I am going to get Billy for his upcoming birthday).

IMG 0216

c.  They beg their mom for ice cream and churros so that I don't have to throw a kicking a screaming fit when I ask for ice cream and Billy tells me, 'Janae, you have already had more sugar today than you should in a week, maybe we should chose something good for our bodies.'  Little does he know that ice cream healed me.

IMG 0224

I don't know what is up with me and sharing my food lately........I shared my ice cream with a four year old that may like sugar just as much as me (okay, we all know that is an exageration).  We are even friends after the experience and I only had to tell her to stick to her chocolate side twice.

I did steal a bite from this little one's churro when she wasn't looking and it was heavenly.

You know you have a problem when you get a rush from stealing your niece's churro.

IMG 0225

Dinner was at the parentals of course.  Even though the ice cream at Costco filled my belly quite nicely, I jumped up and down for a few minutes to make room for this meal because those chicken skewers looked way too good to pass up.  I put them on a salad mix with carrots, snap peas, bbq sauce and ranch.

IMG 0229

After a riveting game of Wheel of Fortune with my family (I am 99% sure my mom calls my brother on the East Coast to get all of the puzzle answers before it is played here because she would win so fast with like 3 letters on the board).

Then it was off to baseball.

My lil' slugger played so well! They won both games!   I offered to take the team out to Pizza Hut after the games but they looked at me kind of funny.  I guess I will just have to bring Capri Suns and orange slices next week.

IMG 0235


What do you use for salad dressing most often?

-Salsa and bbq sauce and when we win the lottery I will have 1 cup of fresh guacamole as my salad dressing every day of my life.

What are some of your weekly grocery staples?

-At Costco we always get eggs, milk, broccoli, spinach, bread, bananas, apples, yogurt and tortillas.  I nearly had a meltdown yesterday when they were out of bananas and put my whole schedule out of whack.

Churro, Donut, Cupcake or a Fresh Cookie?

-1st- Cupcake (as long as the frosting is heavenly), 2nd- CHURRO (especially Disneyland ones), 3rd-donut (maple bar with sprinkles please) and last a fresh cookie.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Literally, the best eggs I have ever eaten and 2 Miles of bliss.

Busy Morning!!!! I taught spin (I still take spin super easy because I would rather get to run that day than overdo it on spin and not be able to run...does that make sense?!?!)  I ran 2 miles after with a 1 mile walk break in between.

I was that creepy one at Gold's this morning on the treadmill with the smile so big that my cheek muscles are more sore than my leg muscles.  PS the doc wants me to stick with the treadmill for a while to avoid any inclines or declines.

Seriously, I don't know if I loved running this much and forgot or I have just grown to appreciate it even more....either way I am going to do whatever I can to stay healthy and keep recovering!


After the gym I had to go to school and do some things and a few other errands.  By the time I was done I was past starving.

Luckily, Billy read my mind and had breakfast cooking by the time I got home.  That is why I married him, he had my heart the first time he cooked for me, actually the first time I saw him but that is another story.

He put scrambled eggs in our water cooker (found under the gear page under cooking) and let it do its magic.

I was a little impatient and stood waiting for it to be time to eat it.  What you don't see is the half of a box of Cheez-it's that I ate while I was waiting.  My sis got huge box's of Cheez-it's for 86 cents and hooked us up.....she is a couponing genius.

IMG 0210

Because he was such a good boy making me bfast I went a long with what he wanted and watched tattooed men make each other bleed and crawl and roll around hitting each other.

IMG 0211

Very appetizing while I eat the best/silkiest/heavenliest eggs that I have ever partaken of.

IMG 0212

Next time Billster I would like 6 eggs instead of 2.

I guess it would be time to change out of my gym clothes and into real people clothes (if you make fun of me for wearing the same workout clothes 2 days in a row I will probably cry).

Lunch is in the cooker already (Billy must want something).  Eating lunch 45 minutes after bfast....why not?!?!


Today is the last day to enter the sports bra HERE to enter!


What is your favorite thing to eat with your eggs?  Or do you like them just the way they are?

-I love them on thick chewey toast with some ketchup or hotsauce. I am a weirdo and LOVE eggs on my salads too.

Let's get it out in the you ever re-wear your gym clothes before you wash them?

-If you remember correctly we would rather buy ipads, chocolate chips in bulk and running shoes than spend money on a washer and dryer.....I got to be conservative with my gym clothes.

Exercise Guilt.

What better way to celebrate your last Wednesday night spin class than going to cafe rio with Ash and splitting a pork salad.  Don't worry mom, I wasn't in a fight or anything I just like to make the inside of one of my eyes look puffy and awkward.

IMG 0209

If you knew me in real life (or through the blog) just 3 months ago you know that I didn't skip a workout if my life depended on it.  I was good about taking my rest days on Sunday but other than that I NEVER missed a workout and if I did I would feel guilty about it for a few hours.  I was probably that way for 5 years.

This last weekend we went to Lake Powell and while I was gone a reader asked how I dealt with the guilt that can (and ALWAYS did in the past) come along with going away on vacation and not being able to work out like normal and at the same time eating more junk food (aka twinkies).

When I read the comment 2 days after getting home it shocked me.  Why?  Because it was the FIRST time that I thought about it.  Before the good ol' injury if I knew I was going away, the FIRST thing I would have thought about was how I could fit in my workout (even if that meant waking up at the crack of dawn).

I would like to thank my femurs for breaking to teach me this important lesson,  it is okay to skip a few days and it is even more okay to not beat yourself up over it.

I had more fun with Billster this last weekend than ever before.  I thought about people rather than working out and what I was going to eat.

IMG 1262

It was freeing. I was happy.  I wasn't putting myself down because I didn't run X amount of miles or swim for an hour or teach a spin class.

I am the first to admit that I LOVE a good workout. The endorphins mixed with sweat is a lethally happy combination for me but I have learned (actually, I was forced to learn) that our bodies NEED rest.  We cannot schedule our life around our workouts.  Yes, it should be a priority to stay fit and healthy but I can't tell you how much better it was to be able to sleep in, eat muffins and toss the football around without even thinking twice about the gym or treadmill.

I am not saying I am perfect (I think you all know how creepy/crazy I am) but I have tried my darndest to learn everything I can through this injury.

People come first.

You won't gain 12 lbs if you go on vacation and miss your workouts.

When you look back on past vacations or special times in your life do you remember the people and experiences you had with them or your workout?

IMG 1253

You are perfect just the way you are.

If life is busy and you can't fit in the last 3 miles on your 'training plan,' that is okay.  You are doing the best you can, remember that and move on:)


Do you get anxious or nervous about working out when you are going on vacation?  How do you get over it?  Have you gotten better about it over the years?

-Like I said, it was the first thing I thought about for way too many years.  I guess God had to break both of my legs to help me finally realize that people come first and running shouldn't be the center of my universe.  I think it is important to remember that you will be back to your normal routine in just a few days and that when you look back on your trip, do you want to remember your workout or the people and fun experiences you had together?

Do you like sharing meals?

Not usually, but last night it was perfect.  It was just the right about of food and Ash didn't cross the line that I drew across the salad before we dug in.  Billy doesn't like to share when we go out because he knows that he will just leave the restaurant hungry and with fork stabs in his hand.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My New Favorite Recipe!

If you remember from THIS POST, my sis and I went to Costco and tried Taboule.  We became obsessed quickly.  My bank account didn't like my obsession and so I was determined to make it on my own.

I think I may have a problem because this recipe yields close to 10 cups and I made my second batch in three days today.

IMG 6370

I don't know why I have a guilty look on my face.  Oh yeah, a few minutes earlier Billy caught me using my finger to dig out the goods from his jar of pb.

This would be the final product. It is heavenly.  Next batch I will put in a cup and just drink the dang stuff.  I use it for salads, when I need a spoonful of happiness, chips obviously, dip veggies into could use it on a sandwich or anything that you wanted!

IMG 6373

Recipe adapted from


  • 1 cup bulgur
  • 3 tomatoes, seeded and chopped
  • 2 cucumbers, peeled and chopped
  • 3 green onions, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 1/3 cup fresh mint leaves
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 2/3 cup olive oil


  1. Place cracked wheat in bowl and cover with 2 cups boiling water. Soak for 30 minutes; drain and squeeze out excess water.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine the wheat, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, parsley, mint, salt, lemon juice, and olive oil. Toss and refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving. Toss again prior to serving.

I may have gone a little crazy with the food processor and the beautiful tomatoes at the store (these are just my excuse for not having friends and staying home all day) and made some homemade salsa using MEGAN'S RECIPE!!!!

I made tuna wraps and they were heavenly. Everything tastes better with homemade salsa.

IMG 0205

Yeah so my nice camera is in the shop getting fixed (I guess it isn't a good idea to take a DSLR into a sand storm) and so you are going to have to deal with my point and shoot that I have no idea how to use.   Learn from my mistakes and treat nice things like they are nice (the camera store guy gave me a 20 minute lecture and I have learned my lesson).


Do you like to recreate store-made/restaurant recipes? What is a recent recipe that you have made and LOVED?

Do you go through baking/caking kicks?

-Now that I don't have school I just want to cook all day.  Anyone hiring a personal chef?

Hot, medium or mild salsa?

-I like mine hot but Billy says what I call hot is just medium so I guess MEDIUM:)

Happy National Running Day.

I decided to postpone celebrating National Running Day until tomorrow.  (Okay, I actually had to force myself to not run because I was starting to make exceptions to the 'running every other day' rule because it is a national holiday!  I guess femur recovery doesn't celebrate this holiday)

Instead I swam for 60 minutes after doing some squats and lunges.

Photo 6

If any goggle companies are reading this, I think it is due time for me to get some new ones:)

I had a killer swim and I think it was partly because of my kick-butt playlist.

Don't stop reading my blog because of my randomness when it comes to my music or for the fact that I post a picture of me for the world to see with a uni-boob, swim cap and yellow goggles.  I will just hurry and push publish before I realize how ridiculous that picture is.

Screen shot 2011 06 01 at 1 40 48 PM


PS  UTAH COUNTY SPINEE'S.....I just found out that Gold's added one more week of glasses!!! COME TONIGHT @ 6:30, tomorrow @ 6 a.m. and Saturday at 9:15 a.m.


How did you (are you going to) celebrate National Running Day?

-I will let you know tomorrow:)

My Game Plan for Recovery.

Let's talk about what lies ahead for me in terms of running........

But first, last night........

I repeated my lunch and snack eats for dinner.  Real original.  Food blogger of the year.

We were rushing out the door last night because I got home late from buying a table for $40 (can't wait to show you the finished product) and we were going to be gone from 6-9.  I think I was still high from my run that morning and I forgot about a minor thing called dinner (that doesn't happen in Janae's world).  I made Billy turn around and I ran inside to grab a lil' (okay, not little, more like a family sized serving bowl) of something to eat in the car.

Leftover homeade Taboule with lettuce thrown in.  I am seriously addicted to that stuff.  Sorry for the blurry picture.  It smelt too good to wait to dig in to take another picture.  And that green thing....that is a shirt that was in my back seat and I used it as my napkin because I forgot to bring one out.  That is classy and now my shirt has an oil stain on it.

IMG 6400

We went over to some friends house to see their new baby, make banana bread and let the husbands talk about technology and playstations.

After that we headed over to Yogurtland to meet some friends.  Yes, that was twice in one day.

In my defense Billy set up the double date and I didn't find out about it until I had already gone with my neice.

Wait a second, why am I defending my obsession?  For as much as you know I may go there 3 times a day and only post about it once every few days....muhahahah if you only knew, you just have a small glimpse into my crazytown life.  I minor victory in my world...for the first time my yogurt weighed less than B-diggity.  Usually mine is double steps.

Photo 5

Why I decided to lay my head on Billy? Oh yeah, it was ten o'clock at night.  The party animal in Janae comes out during the summer......that is until I can do early morning long runs again:)


I guarantee 80% of you runners reading this have come back from a major injury, whether it be a stress fracture, muscle tear, sprain etc.  Every person is different and every doctor says different things.  I am going to share with you what my doc is having ME do.

-One mile every other day SLOW.  If I wake up feeling good, then the next run I can do one mile run one mile, walk and one mile run (watch out Kara).   I will stay there until I go in again in 2 weeks to see how the legs are handling it.

-Run 3 times a week (or less if it is painful) and cross train like a maniac on the other days (1-2 complete rest days a week).

-Keep swimming so that I can do an Ironman someday.  Yes, I did just admit that I really want to do one now with all the swimming I have been doing.

-Listen and be ultra-sensitive to any pain or discomfort.  Soreness is normal but pain is NOT.   Taking a week or two off is a heck of a lot better than taking over THREE MONTHS off.

-Strengthen my quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs and glutes like crazy.   I guess those days of doing 5 minutes of weights before I get bored on my own are gone....time to buckle down.

-Eat lots of ice cream.  Seriously, he said that but mainly because I told him that I think it was one of the main healing components.

If you are injured right now please be PATIENT.  It sucks having to wait for the go ahead but you WILL heal a lot faster if you listen to your doctor and avoid the urge to lace your shoes up and hit the pavement.  Patience is a virtue (unless you are talking about candy or donuts).

IMG 5156

Thank you femurs, I will treat you good forever-ever.


If you have been injured in the past, how did you ease back into running?

Do you ever forget to eat a meal?  Do you plan out your meals that day, in advance, right when you are about to eat it?

-NEVER.....I am always planning out my next meal as soon as I finish the previous one.  Billy (and a lot of boys that I know) will just go throughout the day and forget to eat until they get home.  I know...... I don't understand it either.

What is your FAVORITE way to cross-train?

-Swimming and dare I say it....the elliptical.