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The Hungry Runner Girl: Blogger's Date

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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After I took the world's fastest shower after our HOT RUNwe went to target.  Do not be alarmed, I am not sick in the below picture, I just have yet to put on my 12 layers of make-up.

We got an AWESOME basket for my MIL's bike so that she can bike to TJ's and back to get groceries......seriously, the cutest little thing you have ever seen.

Photo 2

It just so happened that target is in the same shopping center as the cupcake shop from last nightand once again they offered us free samples....I went for vanilla with vanilla frosting, billy had chocolate carmel macadamia nut and my MIL got chocolate/pb.

IMG 6886

And what to you know.....TJ'S again:)  When I get hooked onto something, I go over and over and over again.  My MIL said we could each choose one thing.  That never works and I ended up choosing 6 things.  Good thing she loves me.  We got humus (garlic and tomato basil) powerberrries, cantaloupe, lemonade and bleu cheese.

IMG 6888

Then it was time to meet up with some S. Cali bloggers!! The cutest PAM arranged a Yogurtland trip with Sarah (I think she should be called skinnyMUSCULURrunner) and Monica (should be known as runRIPPEDeat's1/8thTheSizeOfMyFro-YoRepeat).  And yes, they are just as funny and awesomesauce in real life as they are on their blog.   Pam's cutest kids came with us too!

IMG 6890

Of course I went with my famous combo of every topping that they offer and if I was by myself I probably would have gone back for another one, I mean I did run 8 miles today=as much sugar and junk food that I want.

IMG 6891

We sat outside and talked forever.  Nothing better than people that never get sick of talking about running, blogging and food.

IMG 6892


What do you use hummus for....I NEED IDEAS!!!!

-I put some on my wrap today and it was heavenly but that is all I can think of.  I am new to this whole 'eating food that doesn't fit into a teacher's salary budget' thing,

Do you have a target close by?!?!  Do you end up spending way too much money there like me?  What do you buy there?

-Food, workout clothes, jewelry and make-up but I could buy pretty much everything they have and love it!!!

Have you ever met any bloggers!?!?!


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