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How to entertain yourself.

The Hungry Runner Girl: How to entertain yourself.

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How to entertain yourself.

The Hungry Runner Girl: How to entertain yourself.

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How to entertain yourself.

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The Hungry Runner Girl: How to entertain yourself.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to entertain yourself.

William (I call him by his real name when he is acting mature) has some pretty hard finals today....that's what you get when you choose a major like electrical engineering and you have to take a class titled, 'Math for geniuses and people who scored a 36 on the ACT," and so he was stuck studying all. night. long.

I had to entertain myself because the SISSY is in Kentucky and she took her kids with her (I know, it was pretty selfish decision!!!), my mom already hung out with me once yesterday and probably wouldn't fly for hanging with me twice in one day, and friends (I won't name any names but you know who you are) wouldn't text me back.

My favorite ways to entertain myself:

1.  Read blogs until your eyes start going blurry.

2.  Make homemade pizza using this recipe.  Out of produce for pizza in the Jacob's grocery shopping before we leave.

IMG 6686

White flour, cheese and sauce is clearly the best form of brain food.

IMG 6690

2b.  Eat a salad while waiting for the pizza to bake because you have the patience of a 3 year old.  Maybe a 4 year old, but that is pushing it.

Photo on 2011 06 15 at 18 59

3.  Start and finish packing for CALI!!! We leave this SUNDAY for a 7 week vacation.

IMG 6685

All I need is a swimsuit, running clothes and swedish fish.

4.  See how many times you can text your sister while she is on vacation before she get's sick of you and blocks your number (it only took 14 texts just in case you were wondering.)

5.  Watch this weeks episode of the Bachelorette again....I have issues.

6.  Watch Kara Goucher running clips on YouTube.  I will be expecting a restraining order any day now...I am her number one stalker.

7.  Sit outside on your porch and people watch.  People watching is probably the most entertaining thing in the world (beside's running that is).

Photo on 2011 06 15 at 19 46

8.  March to a yoga night class so that you can finally let Billy study in wasone of those nights......

IMG 6692

Don't judge me for my moose trophy, I will never move it.


Where is your FAVORITE place to people watch?

-Amusement parks, sports games and the carnival on Saturday was pretty entertaining!

What are your packing essentials (let's say you are going somewhere warm with a side of ocean)!?!?!

If you had to name what you are the BEST at baking/cooking.....what would it be!?! DON'T BE is time for you to brag about yourself:)

-Snickerdoodles, bread, pizza and salad the size of a small child!


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