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Fajita's and Let's Get our Workout On.

The Hungry Runner Girl: Fajita's and Let's Get our Workout On.

This page has moved to a new address.

Fajita's and Let's Get our Workout On.

The Hungry Runner Girl: Fajita's and Let's Get our Workout On.

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Fajita's and Let's Get our Workout On.

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The Hungry Runner Girl: Fajita's and Let's Get our Workout On.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fajita's and Let's Get our Workout On.

I was too busy staring at myself in sunglasses (PS THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES....we are going to tally and buy them today:) to write my training postyesterday so I will fill you in on what my workout was here!

60 minutes elliptical watching Step Up 3!! Have you seen that yet!?! I LOVE dancing movies and I do not get embarrassed trying to replicate some of their moves while on the elliptical

60 minute pump class.  It was crazy because a LINE formed out to the front desk before class started.  Um, that doesn't really happen in Utah.  Luckily I made it in and was able to get a spot but wow it filled up FAST.

I did myLONG RUNon Saturday and so I want to make sure that I give my femurs PLENTY of time to recover before running again so I will be waiting until Wednesday to run.......I think I will hit up a spin class today!


Charlie's favorite game is to jump in the pool and get sopping wet and then come jump and cuddle with me on the couch. This blanket has become my defense against the rascal.

Stop saying XYZ out loud as you look at the picture, I realize that my zipper is half-way down.  It happens.  I succeeded on my whole drink so much water that you drown your cells and so it got a little tiring zipping my zipper after the 300th potty break of the day.

IMG 7101

Billy made some deviled eggs as an appetizer and I probably downed half the plate.  He stared at me and told me that he thought I HATED deviled eggs but what happened was that the last time we had them a few years ago I said I hated them because they were a 'fear food' and I thought I would wake up 600 lbs if I had partaken of such deliciousness.

What a sad world it would be without deviled eggs.  Never again.  Never again.

IMG 7103

Billy also got to work making steak fajitas with out leftovers from last night.  No, we are not getting paid to advertise for Dr. Pepper.  Billy just really loves the stuff and got really excited when we found the shirt at Khols.

PS I always suggest to watch CHOPPED (or another food network channel show) at about 5 pm because it always inspires him to cook and

IMG 7104

The MIL wanted me to feature her amazing tortilla cooking skills.  Very fancy.  Brown it over the burner, delicious.

IMG 7107

Sorry if my glob of sour cream grosses you out but fajitas are meant to be dressed with all the fixings.

IMG 7110

And of course there was some of this goodness.  I have a confessions.  As you know I hate WHOPPERS (the only candy that makes me sick along with black licorice) but this whoppers flavored ice cream is amazing.   I guess there is nothing that could make ice cream gross to me. Heck, throw in olives into ice cream and I would probably like them.

IMG 7112


Do you like dancing movies?  Did you see Step Up 1,2 or 3!?!?!

-Loved them all.

Is your gym crowded?  Do you have to wait for cardio machines or do the classes you take fill up quickly?

-Cali 24 hour fitness is PACKED but at home the only thing that would get full was spin but you never really have to wait for a machine (unless someone is on my favorite treadmill.)

What is YOUR workout today?

-Spinning and some push-ups.  My goal is to be able to finally beat my niece in an arm-wrestle.


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