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The Hungry Runner Girl

The Hungry Runner Girl: January 2011

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The Hungry Runner Girl: January 2011

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The Hungry Runner Girl: January 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

What scares you.

In my ideal running world I would just run for hours at a moderate pace, not too fast and not too slow.  I love seeing how far and how long I can run.


I obviously love trying to do the robot as I run too.

Is just running in my comfort zone going to make me faster and get a sub 3? NOPE.

So, I did something that scared me today.  I literally was scared as I was driving to the gym.

I did a speed workout.  It felt good in the way where your eyeballs sweat and you look like you have been standing under a waterfall for 20 minutes.

I felt like I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone and did something that SCARES the crap out of me.

Utah Valley Marathon 37.jpg

13.1 in 1:32:20.  I felt back to myself again.....seriously, rest days are SO NECESSARY and it is okay to not love running every day.  I was feeling burnt out on Saturday big time but a nice little rest and all of your amazing advice and comments from you guys and today I felt like my usual psychotic woman again!

8:00, 6:47, 6:44, 6:40, 7:30, 6:35, 7:30, 6:30, 6:30, 7:22, 7:14, 7:08, 6:40.


So here is the dealio with my new running weekly training plan......

-One day SPEED (Monday's because it is right after my rest day and I have so much energy and umph to give).

-One day HILLS (These kick my trash)

-One long run (at an easy/conversational pace)

-One fun run (probably about 5-8 miles at a moderate pace)

-If Billy asks me on a running date.  You better believe I am going:)

What scares me about this new schedule.......

-SPEED AND HILLS....they hurt, my muscles scream at me 'WHY", my lungs feel like they are going to explode and my breakfast comes back up. To be honest the real reason they scare me is because I don't 'KNOW' that I can do them.  I 'KNOW' I can do a long run and maybe that is why I like them so much.  I get scared of failure and speed work is not something I know I can do.. but who cares.  I am going to do it anyways.

-Slow long runs.......This scares me too because I start freaking out that it is way to slow for my goal pace but I am now learning it is good to take your pace down for your long runs and include plenty of miles each week that aren't 'Fast.' *****Remember running is completely RELATIVE to each person as an individual.  We all have different strengths so please do not compare yourself to anyone else but yourself!! I mean I could compare the fact that I have 81 cavities, never wash my hair, watch hours of tv everyday and loose students on fieldtrips to all of you amazing woman and men that are normal and don't have my weaknesses ya know.....  We are all just doing our best and let's be happy about that k?


Check out bessbefit's giveaway! If you haven't been to her blog go now...she is amazing!


What workouts SCARE YOU?

-Speed workouts and Hill repeats!!!!!! I am determined to do it though.

Other than workout related things what scares you?

-A candy famine, the stupid motorized helicopter Billy has that shoots missiles at me, being home alone, washing my hair, mice, spiders and snakes.

What made your Monday Awesomesauce?!?!

-A popular girl student said I had a cute outfit on today (ha, I know I am a loser....and it was the same outfit I wore Friday and Saturday ooops).  It made me feel hip and stylish and hopefully the cute outfit will mask my sweaty hair-do.

Our dog could eat you.

I loved every single comment from my motivation post.  I really don't know what I would do without you joke.  If you ever need a little motivation, awesome mantras or to know your not alone go to the comment section HERE.

The first 14 hours of my Sunday consisted of laying on the couch reading, stalking you and watching 'Kitchen Disasters' on Hulu.  Then we went to church.


During the summer there was a rumor going around our church that I was prego.  I wondered why and found out it was because I always bring snacks to munch on and the other girls thought the only reason I would do that was because I was pregnant.  I then explained to them that there is no way I could go more than two hours without eating something unless I am sleeping.  It's just how I roll. I am used to people thinking I am a little off my rocker, it's all good.


Dinner tonight was at my Aunts.....delicious lobster bisque from Whole Foods and a baked potato bar!!

I followed my own advice and changed right back into pj's asap and ended up color matching the Aunt.  PS she is a hardcore marathoner, century rider and half iron woman. AMAZING!


Those would be dark chocolate covered mangoes.  Try them now. Maybe I should put some self-tanner on those feets of mine.  Oh well, part of running is having ugly feet.


So, it isn't my dog, it is my aunts but she is HUGE.  Feeding her straight up PB.  This dog could eat you.

The aunt hooked us up with groceries, we did our laundry there, some candy and we had a good time.  In the almost two years we have been married we haven't had a washer or dryer.....we have never had to go to a laundromat.  We either do our laundry at my mom's, sister's or aunt's.  Spending money on running gear and an iphone trumps a washer and dryer.  Plus, it is a good excuse to have to go hang out with the fam:)

P.S. I made up for my lack of candy last week in tootsie rolls, those things are addicting.


How often do you do laundry?

-Every Sunday.  I just run it through during family dinner.

What is your favorite chocolate dipped item?

-These mangoes were amazing but I would have to say chocolate dipped gummy bears are my absolute favorite.

Do you have cute feet?


Are you a snacker or do you do the three meals a day thing?

-I am the biggest snacker alive.  As soon as I start getting hungry I get afraid and grab a snack.  Normal? Probably not.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Opening Up: Finding Motivation

So, here goes.....I am human.  Saturday morning I taught my spin class and then had on my plan to get at least eight miles done.  I went and stood on the treadmill and couldn't push the start button.  I started crying.  Stupid estrogen mixed with not having candy for a week.

I had ZERO motivation.  All of the sudden I was telling myself that there is no way I will be able to hit my 6:49 per minute mile goal pace for Boston when I am training at least 35 seconds slower than that and most of the time even more than that.

I left the gym.


(This is an old picture... no pictures of me crying, I was a mess). I went home to Billy and cried but don't feel bad I promise.....this was a huge growing experience for me as a runner.

Billy is so good at listening to me be a cry baby for a few minutes and then finding a solution to the problem (I am not like that....I tend to wallow my fears with a gallon of ice cream and sleep it off, probably not the best coping mechanism).


How I Found My Running Motivation Again and Got Over Feeling Sorry For Myself:

1. Come up with a plan.  Billy wasn't going to say, "oh honey, you can do it no matter what, because you are a rockstar."  He said, "let's come up with a plan so that you can get your sub-3."  Be proactive about your fears. We got together an awesome training plan that I will be using mainly for the tempo/pace and hill runs.  I have been focusing way too much on quantity of miles and not the quality of miles.

-Billy even researched a hill in our area that is identical to heartbreak hill.  I am going to hang out with this hill twice a week so that it becomes easy sauce by the time Boston comes around.

-He also scheduled a run for me later that day with my speedy bro-in-law to help me with my tempo!

2. Read about running/exercise and how to improve yourself.  I turned to my book that my cute friend Pam gave me, "Run Fast. "  I started getting excited again.


3.  Watch youtube movies.

I know that sounds silly but it worked for me.  I watched 28 different motivational and informational youtube clips about the Boston marathon and I researched every little detail about the elevation, hills and course.I even watched this video to help me feel more prepared. (it shows the whole course in 8 minutes.

4.  My motivation and love for running came back just by talking to someone about my fears.  Sometimes I bottle them up and keep them to myself but it felt so good to get them out in the open.  If you don't have anyone that wants to hear about your running, please email me.....I WOULD LOVE TO LISTEN and HELP:)  It feels good to post this right now because you guys are my good friends and it makes me happy to tell you how I feel.

5.  Eat a nutritious meal.  I think I was hungry and eating a protein filled lunch helped me think more clearly and feel more energized.


Grilled tilapia, roasted broccoli and an egg wrap.

6.  Remember the reasons why you love doing what you do.  Give yourself a break, we all feel frustration and lack of motivation.....these 'bad' days make the GOOD RUNS that amazing, thrilling and addicting.


What do you do when you lose running/exercise/eating healthy motivation?

-Let's come up with a HUGE list of things K?  We can all help each other out in the comments!!

How often do you use youtube?

-Um, every day of my life!

Favorite protein source?


Stuck in high school.

Billy will never trust me to pick the movie again.  I chose 'Easy A' tonight.

For some reason I really enjoy movies about high school (think Mean Girls, John Tucker Must Die, Clueless and Bring It On).

Why am I entertained by the ridiculous amount of drama and exaggerations about what high school is least mine wasn't!

How long is this going to last, my poor future children....Hey mom what should we watch tonight?  MEAN GIRLS DUH!!!

Maybe it is because I loved high school so much.  Yes, I am one of those people that still hangs out with a lot of her high school friends.

Can you spot the high school me?


I had blonde hair?!?! The sis was in hair school at the time and tried a new hair color on me every week.

To redeem putting Billy through two hours of watching cat fights and teenagers crying we went to our favorite little cheap buffet.  Pizza Pie Cafe.

It was 9:30 by the time we got there and I was hungry.  Salad was amazingsauce.


Plenty of pizza.


This is not a mirage, that is actually cinnamon sugar, hot fudge and frosting on doughy bread.


Food baby to the max.

Check back later for a running post....I have been thinking a lot about this one.

I command you to relax all day, hang out with your family, eat delicious food and stay in your pj's as long as possible (if you do go to church or something just make sure to get right back in your pj's when you get home).


Do you like movies or TV shows based on high school?  Which one is your favorite?

-I am ashamed to say yes.  You'd think I would get enough drama from being a high school teacher but no. Mean Girls.

Have you had different colors of hair?

-Platinum blonde, jet-black, redish tints.....pretty much everything and I got so sick of it now I just do a little box color every now and then but that's it.

Favorite pizza topping?

-JALEPENOS.....had a piece that isn't in the picture that had a wheat crust, pesto sauce, cheese, loads of veggies and JALEPENOS!! Best Ever.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why, hello my dearest friends.....


Taught spin

8 mile run didn't happen this morning and I will talk more about that more tomorrow but a 3-mile hill repeat @ marathon goal race pace (this hill mimics heartbreak hills elevation and length exactly) did happen and burned so good.  Seriously, there is nothing like the feeling of breathing so heavy and your lunch about to come back up at the end of each hill.


The day flew by.  We went to the running store (because I love to hang out there and the bro-in-law got VIBRAMS) and I even showered, then it was time for my blogger date.

On twitter I asked whether I should go for a chcolatey mixture of yogurt or a fruity combo with gummy bears.  There was mixed reviews so I went with both and 1/4 lb of sprinkles because sprinkles brighten anyone's day. I loved every. single. bite.


Be jealous you don't live in Utah because we clearly have some cool cats.


It is crazy how we didn't know each other in real life but we were able to talk for 2 hours straight and we could have talked forever but Billy was all impatient and worried I was half way to Mexico because I was meeting people from the internet and didn't hear him call me 4 times while we were there.

Check out these woman's blogs because they are hardcore and super hot. Rachelle,Julia, Cindy, Jenand Ashley.

The darling Jenbrought me fresh eggs from her chickens and homemade applesauce, spaghetti sauce and Jam.  She is my hero.  I think getting food for presents is my favorite thing ever.

Seriously, I am going to plan a reunion six months in advance so that we can all hang out together and be best friends because we are all a little crazy about exercise and delicious food and we all understand each other.  I promise it will be the best week of your life.  Start saving your pennies for airfare and I will provide everything else, k?

Welp, off for more food....Billy's bro is in town and they want to hit up a pizza buffet, at least there is an amazing salad bar that will proceed the 8 pieces of pizza that I have.

*****Check out the amazing MommysGoingForARun's GIVEAWAY and wish her luck on her 3rd marathon in 3 months....marathon maniac:)


Have you ever met bloggers in real life?

-This was my first time ever and I loved every second and I WILL meet each and everyone of you at some point whether you like it or not muhahaha.

Do you do hill training?

-Not really that much but I am going to get into it hardcore starting today, makes for a killer workout.

What did you do today my lovelies?

We are the cheapest people alive. Part II.

You can read about how Billster and I do everything in our power to go on free dates here.

This Friday night was no different.

We went to one of those crazy timeshare presentations and ended up leaving without spending a dime but got in return a $50 gift card to one of my favorite sushi restaurants and a 4 day all-inclusive (airfare and food too) trip to CANCUN!!!!


Really short baby hair bangs are cool, I should cut yours short too so we can be twinners.

There was a price to be paid for all of these amazing free gifts:

-We had to tell old men that fake bake and wear gold necklaces NO a million times....."I cannot put down $6,000 tonight for a vacation home.  I am a teacher and spend all my money on running shoes and ice cream cones."

-I got in trouble for tweeting during the presentation instead of paying attention.

-I had to fake laugh at their corny jokes (that is how we got the restaurant gift card, we won the most enthusiasm award).

-Getting a stomach ache from sucking on about 599 lifesavers.  I was bored and I eat when I am bored.

We did have a good time together and to reward our efforts we went to CAFE RIO!!!!  We used a gift card from the in-laws:)  They hooked us up.


REAL FOOD!!! Mom don't worry, I was super careful and ate on the side of my mouth that wasn't operated on.

It has never tasted so good in my life and it only took me 45 minutes to eat it.  I savored every bite.

After dinner we went home and watched the OFFICE, SO FUNNY!!! I was a party animal....up until 11 p.m.


Do you like 'The Office'? If yes, what one is your favorite episode?

-The Injury: Michael burns his foot on the George Foreman grill.

Have you ever been to these presentation thingee's before?

-Yep and I got an awesome free trip to Vegas!

Tell me what your Saturday workout is going to be?

-Teach spin and I think an 8 mile run!

P.S. from my last post those are eyelash extensions....have you ever had hair extensions of eyelash extensions?

Friday, January 28, 2011



15 miles on the treadmill, 1% incline.  7:47 pace (Last two miles @ 7:24).

At mile 9 I wanted to stop, but I promised myself an ice cream cone if I finished, it totally worked.  6 year old in a 25 year old body.

I know I am kind of annoying about this whole Billy running thing but he texted me today to ask me on a running date after school.

Tears of joy welded up in my eyes, and I couldn't hold my composure.


This is huge to me.  I get so excited when people get into running and start to love it but i get ridiculously excited when my BESTEST FRIEND in the whole wide world gets into it.

Our children are going to be fast as cheetah's.

Today's total mileage=18.


It has been a week since the mouth surgery and I have not had anything besides tuna, mashed potatoes, yogurt, quiche, smoothies, ice cream, popsciles and soup.

I am missing real food big time, especially the 3 lbs of broccoli I normally eat each week.  Luckily, I can start incorporating more foods now, the mouth is healing wonderfully and my body is screaming for some of my favorite foods.

After my mashed potatoes and tuna lunch today, (that I am SO sick of) I was thinking about a very important life-altering question.

If I could eat anything in the world right this very second.....what would it be?

I first thought, "well duh.....graham crackers dipped in cream cheese frosting and a 1 quart bowl filled with swedish fish."

But then I though, that's too easy I had that everyday last month, so I went back deep into thought about this important question (it even made me late to my next class).

I decided if I could eat anything this very second it would have to be unlimited sushi (it takes a lot of sushi to fill me up) and crab dipped in copious amounts of butter.


Hey Billy, wanna go to Vegas tomorrow and go to the Belagio Buffet....pretty please?!?!


Love sushi or hate sushi?

What are you doing tonight?

-We are cool and going to one of those things that they try to sell you a timeshare so that we can get a free vacation?!?! Sounds too good to be  probably is.  I mean, maybe we will end up buying a condo when we don't even have a house and live off a teacher's salary while paying BYU ridunk amounts of money.

If you could have any food right this second what would it be, calories do not count.


Shout out to the Bro-in-law that ran 26.2 miles all on his own for fun.  He is training for his first marathon in APRIL.  I think I married into the coolest family ever.


Utah Bloggers Ice-Cream Social: Saturday, 4 o'clock @ Farr's by the University mall.  Email me with any questions!!!

Ever have those days where you just think, 'man, I am an awesome wife?'  Tonight was one of those.

I made minestrone soup (the kind that you just add water) and cornbread (the kind that you just add water) and had dinner ready for BIlly when we walked in the door.


If you can't tell I am already sucking up to him just in time for my birthday in two weeks.  Birthdays are kind of a big deal to me.


Coming from the crazy alliteration woman (even though Three Tangent Tuesday doesn't really count as an alliteration), I have a new one for you.  Feel free to do it on your blog.

Just want to share with you some of my favorite things. FRIDAY FAVORITES:)

Not only is Oprah's favorite things my favorite episode of the year, but Friday Favorites is going to help me be a little more thankful for the things in my life that make me incredibly happy!

1. My self-tanner. I know I talk about it a lot but it really is one of my favorite things because it allows people to see me in the winter rather than me just blending into the snow.


2., it has been 37 hours since I started.  Obsessed.  My phone battery is almost dead and that never happens.  I think I get addicted to things a little to easy. P.S. Those weights have been sitting in that exact spot for the last 32 days, don't be deceived.....


3. Billy, is a running machine.  Um, everyday this week.  Who is he? Nothing is hotter than a man that just came back from a run.


4. Delicious food.  You knew I was going to say that.......before you know it, I will be able to eat candy again:)


What are your FRIDAY FAVORITES!!! Tell me all of them por favor!!!

Do you get addicted easily to facebook, twitter, blogging, a tv show???

-I think I need help, it is taking over my life.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mornin' routine!


Taught Spin

25 minutes stair climber

20 minutes elliptical


I love looking into the lives of other people so I thought I would share with you what goes on during my morning.

Now this routine is only for days that I have school.  My Sunday morning includes sleeping in until 11 a.m. followed by 3 episodes of Glee, BL or Pushing Daisies. Then we make a few small pancakes to go along with my 2 cup of chocolate chips and syrup.  Then we go to church and spend the night with my family.  Perfect Day.

-Alarm clock goes off at 5 a.m. I put it in the next room so that I can't keep hitting snooze and I have to get up.  Once I am out of bed the dopamine starts kicking in and I start giggling and thinking about sunshine and butterflies.  Okay, that isn't true everyday but really I LOVE mornings.  Poor Billy.  Weekends he wakes up to me jumping on the bed asking, "what are we going to do today?" 500 times in a row.

Photo on 2011-01-27 at 11.07.jpg

I totally stole the idea to put Boston Sub 3 on my alarm clock, from Page @twentysixandthensome...thanks Page for the awesome idea, so motivating!

Yes, I cracked my screen for the fourth least I can blame it on the loratab and laughing gas.  I don't deserve expensive things.

-I then run to the bathroom as fast as I can to pee because my bladder hurts it is so full and then brush my teeth because I have awful morning breath!

-Push publish (I make the post the night before) on the good ol' blog and consider proof-reading my post before I publish it but then realize I wouldn't even be able to catch any spelling or grammar errors, college degrees don't mean that much

Drive the speed limit:) to the gym (I get there any time from 5:10-5:40....depends on the workout).


-I throw my bag in the lockers and hit my idea of heaven: The cardio area!  Usually I run, sometimes I spin, sometimes I cycle or stair climb and once in a blue moon I venture to the corner with those stinkin' weights.


-The clock strikes 7:23 and I rush to the locker room. Shower, change and out the gym doors at 7:34.  Not even exaggerating.  I would much rather run another mile than look cute for my students. Thank goodness my school is close to the gym:)

-Have to be to school at 7:45 (school starts at 8:30) and sometime I will go to the bathroom once I get there to put on a little make-up and brush my hair....but that is only special occasions.

-Make me some breakfast of oatmeal, check my emails and drink hot chocolate as I prepare to deal with 100 emotional/dramatic/awesomesauce students.


Check out my Carmel Apple Recipe over at my FAVORITE Baking Blog....seriously, she has THE BEST RECIPES!!


How often do you drink Hot Chocolate?

-It is dang cold in my school and hot chocolate warms my soul and it is a great excuse to eat chocolate at 8 a.m.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

-I am creepy happy in the mornings but by 9 p.m. don't come within 10 feet of me, I am scary or asleep.

What is your morning routine?

Ice Cream Oxymoron.

I AM NOW ON TWITTER!!!!! Click the cute twitter button on the side to follow me.  I have no idea what I am doing but I am sure it will be a good time!


Hey Utah bloggers and readers......we get a chance to be real life best friends!!!!

Saturday Jan 29th Ice Cream Social.  4:00 PM.  Best friends, sugar overload and lots of talking about running.....PLEASE COME!! Email me and I will give you directions and more details. It is almost my birthday so if you come that counts as my birthday present.

If you are not in Utah we could always skype you into the party....I will bring my laptop, pull up a chair for you and order you an ice cream cone....I will have to eat it at the end of our party though.


My Oxymoron Of The Day.

Sweaty after teaching spin with gym clothes on, 10 degrees outside and a tub of strawberry ice cream for dinner.

Sometimes, a girls gotta do what she's gotta do.


Wood paneling and a swamp cooler.  We are classy.  If you want me to incorporate all of my home decorating tips into the blog let me know. I can teach you how to transform your home into a 'vintage' linoleum kingdom.

The roof of my mouth feels like I have a third degree burn because I stopped the pain meds......I hate feeling loopy.  So, ice cream was there for me in my darkest point.

Don't worry all of you health nuts I will take my vitamins as soon as my spoon hits the bottom of the cartoon.  Maybe, I will make a green monster too....ha, jk I don't know how you guys drink those spinach smoothies.  You are my hero's.

I also had tuna and mashed potatoes for din din but no picture because it looked like cat food.

Billy had a froached egg sandwich that looked so delicious.....


Wednesday Night Spin Playlist:

1. Poker Face by Lady Gaga: Warm-up

2. If We Ever Meet Again by Katy Pery and TImberland: Jumps, increase tension every 30 seconds.

3. What the Heck by Avril Lavign: Sprint 15, isolation 15, repeat.

4. The Time by Black Eyed Peas: Dancing!!!

5. Live Your Life by T.I.: Hill Climb in the saddle, double time during chorus.

6. All the Right Moves by One Republic: Hill climb out of saddle, double time during chorus.

7. The Distance by Cake: Sprint Pyramid for the next 4 songs.....15 second sprint (10 second recovery) 30 second Sprint (10 second recovery) 45 second sprint (10 second recovery) 60 second sprint (10 second Recovery)......Start with 2nd 60 second sprint and go back down the pyramid:)  KILLER WORKOUT

8. Na Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance

9. Fuego by Pitbull

10. Genocide by Offspring

11. Showndown by Black Eyed Peas:  Isolations and jumps

12. I Just Wanna Live by Good Charlotte: Crank it.  Low tension in saddle, crank tension to HEAVY hill for chorus and double time it out of the saddle.

13. Get Low by Petey Pablo:  Dancing!!!

14. Amie by Damien Rice: Cooldown


Watch out Ryan Hall....Billy just ran 5.5 miles.


Do you keep ice cream stocked in your freezer?

-Normally we don't have it (we just go out for it a lot) but growing up we always had cookies and creme within reach:)

Favorite Workout Song RIGHT NOW!!!

-Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa.  Make sure to get the edited version!!

What are you doing for your Thursday morning workout?

-Teaching spin and some classic cross-training whether I like it or not:)

I'm many questions but I am obsessed with learning about your life..... Do you like those green smoothie thingees?  Teach me how to love them because I know they are so so good for you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Post

Workout:  I know I was whining about my poor little calf but when I woke up this morning it felt great so I went for it and had a stellar run.

The treadmill makes you stop at 60 minutes so that is why I had to start over again.


10 miles, 1% incline and 7:06 average.  Now I just need to do 16 more of those and each mile 13 seconds faster:)


I have had some peep's request a post about my wedding.  I think they just want confirmation that the awesome Billy really did sign his life away to the craziest woman in the world.

It happened people and I might have to split this post up into a few posts because I have about 4 trillion pictures I want to post and I don't want your fingers to get tired scrolling down the page.

So, here goes......

First of all, this is us getting our marriage license.  Muhahaha proof that he is legally mine whether he likes it or not.


This is our engagement announcement picture.  Do not leave me alone in a room with a bottle of self-tanner.  I will submerge an orange monster.

Eng-7854 tu vign.jpg All of my best friends including the sister and sister-in-law had a big slumber party at a fancy hotel the night before the big day and we stayed up way too late and ate way too much candy.   We woke up super early and the sis did my hair and make-up.


Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day we had a wedding breakfast at the Joseph Smith Memorial building in Salt Lake City.

I was not going to be one of those brides that didn't eat all day... I would not be smiling in any of the pictures if I skipped a meal.



We had an amazing breakfast and then our family members and close friends had some things to say.

This picture of my dad gets me every time.  He is a big tender teddy bear and I love him so much.


I was bawling (tears of happiness) and loved hearing such beautiful words from the people I love the most.


Billy with his beautiful mom!


We had a few things to say also:)

Following the breakfast we headed over to the Temple where we were married and sealed.  We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we chose to be married in the temple where we make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father and our new spouse.  So, no pics of the ceremony.

This is us coming out....I was a little thrilled to say the least!


Don't make fun of my flats.  I am only a little shorter than Billy and I didn't want to be taller in the pics.

Don't make fun of the legs/feet that are the same color as the flats either.


For some reason Billy doesn't like it when I kiss him with four layers of lip gloss on, weirdo.


The whole clan.......


Someone was a little excited about that night if you know what I mean......

Reception and a ridiculous amount of pictures to come.....don't get too excited and hopefully your hand hasn't cramped from scrolling so much. If it is just remember the acronym R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compress and elevate).


Check out my guest post over at my new little bloggy friend, I LOVE her blog!!!


Hopefully, you aren't bored but I like sharing my life with you so deal with it and just accept the fact that we are all best friends.

If you are married.....what day did you get married?


If you aren't married.....what season do you want to get married in?

What foods would you have at your ideal brunch?

-Fruit, croissants, eggs and cinnamon rolls (Billy, remember my b-day is on a Sunday this year which is the best day for you to make a delicious brunch with Swedish Fish and Milky Way's for dessert).

Grumpy Snickerdoodle

If you don't like snickerdoodles you can leave the blog now.

I am totally kidding.  I love you even if you don't have taste buds.

I have never met someone that doesn't love a warm soft snickerdoodle covered in cinnamon sugar goodness.

After my neighbor tried to steal my husband I knew I had to do something to win his heart back.

So, I went home and watched the Bachelor on my computer as I made cookies.  I used thisdelicious recipefor the cookies.


Why do I love to stack my cookies?


Don't worry Mom or Dr. Graph, I put mine in a blender with vanilla ice cream and milk to blend it up to a snickshakedoodle.


I think it worked, he can't even remember what the neighbor brought over now, muhahaha:)

P.S. If you say, "Janae, your cheek looks back to normal!" I will cry.  I am just hoping they are still swollen from the surgery and not permanently chipmunkish.


Tuesday morning I did the stair climber and the elliptical for my workout because my right calf muscle (or lack there of) has been bugging me and I DO NOT WANT AN INJURY.


I went to school and did my thang when a student raised her hand and said, "Mrs. Jacobs, did you not run this morning?"

I am not even making this up.  I asked her why she thought that and she told me I was being kinda grumpy compared to my usual jumping around the room self.

I evaluated my actions for the day and I really had no reason to be grumpy and I was acting reserved and quiet because I didn't RUN and because I think I was freaking myself out that I might have to take (feel free to gasp) a week off from running.

Don't worry though, after hanging out with the billmister I was back to my annoyingly optimistic self because life IS awesome whether we get to run or not!!!


Do you get grumpy when you don't get your run on?

-Yep, even though I did get my endorphin fix that morning something felt off with me and I couldn't even eat candy to cope with my loss.

What is your favorite cookie in the entire world?

-I LOVE a good sugar cookie.  Nothing beats a soft cookie with delicious frosting and sprinkles.  Get in my belly.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What do you stash in your gym bag.

First amazing neighbor is trying to steal my husband.

She brought over the yummiest quiche I have ever had.

I don't blame Billy for coveting a wife that makes food like this.  I guess my normal 1 lb of roasted broccoli and potatoes with ketchup and sprinkled in skittles isn't very appetizing to him.  I better go home and make him butter filled cookies to make up for this.


She said that she made it with eggs, half and half, cheese, ham and the magic ingredient that made my heart tingle.....CINNAMON.  Try it, so good.

She also made us little banana pudding cups.  Guess why I was super excited about these....

1. They were delicious.

2. They have bananas on them and Billy hates bananas...that means two for me.  I guess I need to reavaluate my New Years Resolutions about the whole 'others focused' thing.


One of my favorite presents that I have ever gotten is this gorgeous gym bag from Billy a few years ago.


Besides the gum wrappers, Boston Marathon course elevation maps and a picture I drew and colored of me finishing a sub 3 hour marathon......these are the things that I keep in my bag that I take to the gym with me every. single. day.

1. Body Glide- I chafe like no other.  The back of my arms are the worst so I put this on everywhere!

2. 3 pairs of headphones- Heaven forbid one doesn't work and I have to go musicless.

3. Along with #2 I always have two ipods with me.  If one is out of charge, I am in luck.

4. Magazine or book- to beat boredom on the elliptical.

5. Extra socks. My feet sweat a lot.

6. 7,000 bobby pins and 14 rubber bands.  I hate it when my hair gets in my face but luckily there is enough grease to hold it back on its own.

7. Food.  Banana or shot blocks. I hate being hungry. Oh, and of course a waterbottle.

8. An extra pair of running shorts.  For some reason I used to always forget to pack these when I went to the gym after school. Just because the cardio cinema room at the gym is dark doesn't mean anything. You live and you learn.

9. 48 batteries.  I would freak out if I didn't have a good battery for the microphone when I teach spin.

10.  $1.25 just in case I forget my water bottle and need to buy one.  I would die of thirst five minutes into my workout without one.


Tell me what is in your gym bag!!!!  Or what do you take with you to the gym/workouts?

What are your favorite quiche ingredients?

-I am loving this cinnamon thing and loads of cheese is a must.